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New Partnership Delivers Power Safety and Unparalleled Flexibility to Data Centers

Corona, Calif. & Jacksonville, Fla. – Aug. 29, 2016TrendPoint Systems Inc., today announced a partnership with Direct Power Technologies, to leverage the company’s EnerSure® power monitoring for clients in the FAA and Intelligence Community of the Federal Government. The partnership allows Direct Power Technologies to wrap multiple data center power distribution points into a single hub, and measure consumption from an agnostic metering system--right to the output plug in the data center and everywhere in between.

“Deployment of TrendPoint’s power metering and monitoring technologies is the easiest on the market. In spite of today’s data center complexities, TrendPoint is flexible and scalable as well. This is key to the value they bring our organization and our customers,” said Mark Baldwin, President of Direct Power Technologies.


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Direct Power Technologies pioneered the use of overhead busway and the company became involved in the 2005 energy act which issued a requirement for the federal government to reduce their electrical use by 30% over 10 years and ensure 7.5% of their power is derived from renewables. The company began collaborating with TrendPoint for an agnostic power metering solution because the federal government integrates an extensive variety of Building Management Systems (BMS) and power distribution equipment branch circuit on busway systems, panelboards, RPPs, PDUs, switchgear, and distribution panels.

Direct Power Technologies found the solution to fit their power metering and monitoring needs with TrendPoint’s EnerSure®monitoring platform. Baldwin explains, “TrendPoint can operate with sophisticated demands such as waveform capture or stop at the measurement of basic amperage, voltage and then other specifications can be added later as new needs arise. This is important to our needs,” he said.

Direct Power Technologies is using the following TrendPoint products:

  • EnerSure® Enkapsis - delivers highly accurate measurements of all power metrics while extending beyond harmonic data provided by traditional PQMs with support for the triggering and retrieval of voltage and current waveforms.
  • EnerSure® Bus - provides utility-grade metering to busway power distristribution systems with amps, volts, power factor, kW, and kWh data as well full PQM data on main feed.
  • EnerSure® iBCPM - uses the EnerSure® Enkapsis as the head-end unit to provide branch circuit metering in traditional panel distribution systems.

Brian White, Director of Strategic Alliances at TrendPoint said, “Thanks to this partnership, Director Power Technologies is not only reducing costs due to lower energy consumption, but they’re increasing the reliability of their equipment. It's a win for everyone – most importantly the data center customer.”

About Direct Power Technologies

Direct Power Technologies, Inc. is the first company to introduce an electrical system that can provide 380VDC directly to computers and servers. This is a voltage already utilized internally for all computer operations. In partnership with INTEL, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, EPRI and ECOS Consulting, Direct Power Technologies, Inc. has demonstrated the operation and energy savings of a 380VDC power distribution system.

About TrendPoint Systems

TrendPoint Systems designs and engineers flexible, scalable and cost-effective sub-metering devices for the critical facility, enabling customers to track power consumption, maximize uptime, and effectively manage power distribution assets across the facility. Built on the EnerSure monitoring platform, every TrendPoint power meter utilizes a common chipset, configuration tool and protocol map/mib, allowing end users to integrate power metrics from high amperage main switchgear feeds down to sub-panel branch circuits with a single software driver from the DCIM or BMS application. To learn more, visit: http://www.trendpoint.com https://www.facebook.com/trendpointsystems

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